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Bea Blackhole
Artist | Student | Digital Art

I'm at University, at least!!!
A hard time awaits me, between my studies and my work, but I've finally decided to take seriously my comic project.
I'm looking for editorials where to publish them in Spain.
If you know how to publish your work properly, please inform me. Any help is useful! :iconmiraismileplz:
Thank you so much!!

Spanish lang4 by Faeth-designFrench 2 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp
BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design BUT My English Is Not Perfect by Faeth-design

APH France Stamp by megumimaruidesuAPH Prussia Stamp by megumimaruidesuAPH Spain Stamp by megumimaruidesu WORKING ON BAD TOUCH TRIO FANFIC WITH :iconsteverae7: ON…

I ship most OTP and NTP!
APH Romano Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Italy Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Germany Stamp by megumimaruidesu
APH America Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH England Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Canada Stamp by megumimaruidesu
APH China Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Russia Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Japan Stamp by megumimaruidesu
APH Norway Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Sweden Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Finland Stamp by megumimaruidesu
APH Iceland Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Denmark Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Holy Roman Empire Stamp by megumimaruidesu
APH Belgium Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Netherlands Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Liechtenstein Stamp by megumimaruidesu
APH Greece Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Egypt Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Turkey Stamp by megumimaruidesu
APH Belarus Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Austria Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Hungary Stamp by megumimaruidesu
APH Seychelles Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Switzerland Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Lithuania Stamp by megumimaruidesu
APH Wy Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Poland Stamp by megumimaruidesu

But I have my favourites!
.::APH UK x England Stamp::. by megumimaruidesu APH Checkered Prumano Stamp by megumimaruidesu .::APH Italy x Romano Stamp::. by megumimaruidesu APH Spain x Romano Stamp by megumimaruidesu APH Prussia x Hungary Stamp by megumimaruidesu

LOL APH I love my Andalucia OC Stamp by megumimaruidesu Thanks to :iconmegumimaruidesu: for designing the stamp!

Isabel Magnolia Stamp by megumimaruidesu

You know you were waiting for this! :iconhandspazzplz::iconhandspazzplz::iconhandspazzplz:

:iconsteverae7: and me are writing a new Hetalia ficBirds of a Feather Flock Together
You can already check the first chapter. In there, you'll find almost all the characters in a bunch of hilarious, random situations, but finally, it will all converge in an impactant ending.

APH France Stamp by megumimaruidesuAPH Prussia Stamp by megumimaruidesuAPH Spain Stamp by megumimaruidesu 

The world wasn't big enough, so when numerous students from every nation coincided in the Global Convergence University, they wouldn't behave as they were supposed to. That's how the University life is, isn't it? Parties, alcohol and havoc -Classes, what the hell is that? Let the chaos create the perfect scenario for some M rated love.

I'd appreciate you'd read it and criticize, because I'm starting in the world of the written prose and I need to improve.


I'll be submitting special sketches and illustrations of the fic, but you'll only able to see it if you read the chapters (the links will be included in them).

Please, tell your Hetalians friends!

Hetalia power!

Hetalia Chibis by MyPresenceEuphoria

My Hetalia fandom gallery: 

RusAme by MyPresenceEuphoriaPrusia DA by MyPresenceEuphoriaHetalia Fanart: Shinsei Roma by MyPresenceEuphoriaTsundere Alert by MyPresenceEuphoria

I don't own Hetalia. Axis Powers Hetalia is a manga series by Hidekaz Himaruya.

SteveRae7's works

Eternidad de la noche 0Mi vida no solía ser normal.
Era la capitana del equipo de fútbol de mi instituto. Reconozco que era algo extraña. No me parecía a las demás chicas. No me gustaba hacer las cosas que hacían las demás chicas. Odiaba pintarme, salir, vestirme con falditas con las que se te veía medio muslo o llevar tops cuyo escote llegaba casi al ombligo.
Para acentuar esta diferencia, yo no veía a los chicos como los veían las de mi mismo sexo. Para mí, ellos eran mis amigos. Siempre que hacía deporte o iba al cine era acompañada de chicos. Cada vez que una chica me veía con un de ellos gritaba algún insulto que intentaba ofenderme a los cuales yo no les hacía el menor caso.
Me envidiaban. Me odiaban. Éste último era un sentimiento mutuo. Eran demasiado superficiales y por eso no quería perteneces a su grupo. No quería ser una chica al cien por cien.
Sí, era rara. Y todos lo sab

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